Roll over the different menu items to see their highlighted states.

This is the main menu from the first course in a three-part CD-Rom training package, produced in 1998 by Asymetrix Learning Systems for a large and well-known manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. All three parts dealt with the same communications system, so there was a consistency of design carried through the entire series, which used the metaphor of a "city of the future". Part one was intended as a marketing piece that explained the process of acquiring and installing the system, and was envisioned as the road leading to the "city". As the lead designer of the first CD-ROM, I was responsible for the look-and-feel of this part of the project, and created the illustrations (including the main and subsequent menus) using Adobe PhotoShop. I also worked closely with the designer of the second CD-ROM which was produced concurrently with the first, to ensure that consistency was maintained.

At the client's request, all references to their corporate identity and branding have been removed from this example, and the headings on the menu items have been replaced with generic versions that closely match the look of the originals.