This is a screen from the BayBank Regulatory Compliance Series CBT, a project which I took over when I joined Oakes Interactive in 1997. The course consisted of a several modules, each dealing with a different lending regulation. These were represented on the course map by a 3D rendering of a small town, each module having its own building. The module menu would then consist of a floor plan of that building, with the rooms representing the various sections of the module. As each section was completed, a 3D rendering of that room would appear on the floor plan, and upon completing the test at the end of each module, this view of an architectural model of the building would appear, with a message to say that you either passed or failed the test. The project was about 50% completed when I took over. I was responsible for building the remaining modules, including the creation of all graphics and 3D renderings used in those modules, and also programming the modules using Aimtech CBT Express.